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Our Key Services

It is not only about your chimney. It is about your entire house.

Chimney sweep master

  • Support and assistance in a defined district
  • Supervision of fireplaces and heat systems as well as issuing of documents
  • Maintaining of documents according to legal standards and requirements
  • Inspecting of heat systems and fireplaces
  • Measurements according to legal regulations of chimney inspection
  • Supervision according to regulations in energy-saving
  • Measuring, cleaning and checking of ventilation systems

Sanitary facilities, heating and air-conditioning

  • Mapping and construction of heat systems and fireplaces
  • Mapping and researching concepts and sanitary facilities
  • Probing, planning and constructing fireplaces and water-containing heat systems
  • Developing and creating refurbishments of sanitary facilities and heat systems according to customer requests

Certified technician in fire protection

  • Conducting surveys in fire protection
  • Supervision of fire-extinguishing systems
  • Supervision and service in the realization of technical and constructional fire prevention
  • Carrying out of instructions in fire prevention according to requirements of  employer’s liability insurance association 

Energy-related advisory service

  • Advice and concepts for energy-saving measures in buildings
  • Energy-measurements in buildings (blower-door method, IR-thermography)

Master in brick laying and concrete work

  • Providing concepts and construction of chimneys
  • Consultations and assistance during the construction of chimneys


Together we are stronger.

Member of the Chamber of Crafts

We are a member of the Chamber of Crafts for East Thuringia.

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Member of the chimney sweepers guild in the Free State of Thuringia

Customer enquiries on the activities of chimney sweepers are answered by responsible authorities and guilds.

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Member of the regional association of energy advisors, engineers and artisans

Regular activities in the network of energy advisers in the Free State of Thuringia.

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Member of the guild of plumbers and installers for heating systems

Member of guild, to be able to set courses and provide qualified advice.

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Behind hard work, there are intelligent solutions.

Case studies

…how can I help you?

Fire prevention is important to us.

Case studies of Uwe Serbser.

Building of chimney outlets requires different constructions. The example shows a double-draught chimney of fireplaces for solid fuels as well as of gas calorific value boilers. In this case certain legal requirements of fire prevention must be considered due to different fire behaviour of building materials.

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Safety devices save life!

For correct functioning of fireplaces, regulated by room air, it is necessary that facilities are regarded as a whole. Room air regulated fireplaces consume oxygen, regardless of the used fuel. Many technical devices require safety devices according to legal building regulations.


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Planning of new chimneys

Case studies of Uwe Serbser.

The construction of a new chimney requires the compliance with regulations and principles, which are not only limited to constructional fire prevention but also to the actual execution of construction work. This cannot be separated from one another. Finally a chimney is a separate structure inside a building. Important criteria are: suitable building materials, variations of systems, fire prevention, as well as terms of use and design.

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Old building – ventilation systems – fire prevention

Case studies of Uwe Serbser.

Repairs of fire places require correct use of adequate building components made of non-combustible materials. Fire resistance, which results from the fundamentals of several components, is to be considered in detail.


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Refurbishment of chimneys

Case studies of Uwe Serbser.

Functional disorders of fire places arouse dampness and moisture inside a chimney. This can be prevented by using stainless steel tubes. Several constructions of different materials allow many possible applications. Crucial points of refurbishing chimneys are: the correct matching of building materials, building physics and construction chemistry.

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Reconstruction of chimneys

Case studies of Uwe Serbser.

Leakages can result in the reconstruction of a chimney and implicate absolutely necessary planning and calculation of the firing system concerned. Or as shown in our example: one chimney gets two. All principles of building physics and material science have to be brought in line. German trade offers a high standard of training and solid fundamentals that ensure functional and lasting constructions.

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Partner of tradesmen for sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems

Case studies of Uwe Serbser.

Your heating engineer is the appropriate partner, who brings warmth and cosiness into your house by installing the adequate firing system. Combination and cooperation of different tradesmen ensure functionality, beauty, safety, and consumer satisfaction. By the synergy effects of different training courses and several diplomas, we are able to calculate and design a home, where you will feel comfortable.

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You do not buy a pig in a poke. You buy qualified expertise and long lasting experience.

About me

Experience and qualification in unison

About me

„One for all – all for one“

…is my maxim for everything what I do in private or career terms. I am a chimney sweep master with heart and soul as well as plenty of professional competence.

Born in Saalfeld in 1963, I was soon let in on the “secrets” of this trade. Already my father and grandfather were chimney sweep masters, and my brother and my uncle are in this old trade, too. Nevertheless I first decided on construction technology with university-entrance diploma. After leaving military service, however, I went into retraining to become a chimney sweeper. With a craft certificate in my pocket, I joined my father’s enterprise. In June 1988, I passed the examinations for the master craftsman’s certificate in Erfurt and went into self-employment two months later. My area of activities is located in the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt and includes some districts of Rudolstadt and neighbouring communities. There are about 2000 households are under my wings.



The trade of a chimney sweeper

As a chimney sweep master I check and examine fireplaces and their safety. I report shortcomings, supervise and assess building shells and finished constructions. Measurements of heating systems, which affect safety criteria and emissions, are analysed and gathered data are forwarded to the emission register. In addition to fire prevention, my attention is on environmental issues, and my customers get matter-of-fact energy and heating-related advice. As I attach importance to continuous further education, I qualified for constructional energy consulting in 1999 and the techniques of fire prevention with final TÜV-examinations in 2008. I also received certificates in gas appliance and service engineering. From 2000 to 2008, I was a board member of the guild of chimney sweepers and in the same function I am involved in the association of energy advisors, engineers and artisans of Thuringia today.

Quality management

…according to DIN ISO 9001-2008:

  • Customer orientation
  • Responsibility of management
  • Inclusion of involved persons
  • Process-related approach
  • System-related management approach
  • Continued improvement
  • Issue-related approach to decision-making
  • Supplier contacts of mutual benefit

Environmental management

…according to DIN EN ISO 14001:

  • In view of short-running raw materials, increasing energy costs and important CO2-regimes, enterprises can volunteer in establishing an environmental management system.

  • The protection of environment is more important than ever before and customers are more and more aware of it.


Member of the agreement for sustainability in Thuringia

  • Energy and climate protection
  • Environmental management
  • Material cycles
  • Bio-diversity
  • Simplification of administration
  • Environmental economics
  • Sustainable consumption
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